Our Mission

In addition to the globalization of markets, rapid development of information technology and diversified needs, each country's continued sophistication of regulations and accounting standards, require individuals and companies to adapt in order to meet the needs of the external environment.
We recognize that our social mission is to resolve various issues with clients and to support clients to respond to environmental changes through our accounting and tax expertise.
We are dedicated to fulfilling this social mission and being a reliable, professional company within the community.

Advantages on Our Services

Providing support for implementing plans and providing hands-on expertise

We provide clients with not only know-how, but we also support them during the implementation of their plans by providing hands-on practical expertise.

Providing human resources with a high degree of practical skill

We provide our human resources with a high degree of practical skill so that they can respond to clients' needs, provide support for implementation of their plans and provide hands-on practical expertise.

Full support for global projects

We provide comprehensive support for global projects by making use of our experienced global human resources and networks.


Human Resources

We provide clients with sophisticated and specialized know-how through our team of experts.

Information Security

Our company has a thorough and comprehensive information security policy, and we have built a robust security environment which is strengthened through our extensive staff education program.

Research Center

Our Research Center performs the role of taking our staff's “individual knowledge” and transforming it into “organizational knowledge”.

Our Mission

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