Human Resources

Using their sophisticated and specialized know-how, our experts provide comprehensive services to assist our clients in every aspect of their business.

At JBA, we provide consulting services by emphasizing our unique organizational approach to human resources. This approach integrates our superior knowledge and our experienced staff who put this know-how into practice.

Our experienced staff is comprised mainly of CPAs and tax accountants (CPTAs). Through our unique organizational approach we make full use of each individual's specialist skills obtained though domestic and international accounting, auditing, taxation and management and combine and share these skills to create a comprehensive organizational approach to resolving your business needs. By offering a tailored team of accounting and tax professionals whose skills and experience match the individual needs of each project, we are able to provide flexible and accurate consulting services for even the most advanced situations.

In order to continue offering these high quality services, we have developed highly skilled human resources and work to enhance their professional ethics, ability to provide solutions and their presentation skills. We provide over 100 hours of training per year to each staff member and we have implemented educational programs specific to the needs of each professional staff which allows us to not only offer highly specialized advice but also to offer client-specific solutions. These educational programs cover a wide variety of skills including accounting expertise, finance, M&A, IT skills including Microsoft Excel and Access, presentation skills, language proficiency (English, Chinese), professional ethics and IT security. We have also regularly engage in various efforts such as regularly inviting lecturers.

We have built a high level service network of reliable business partners throughout our locations in Tokyo, Osaka and Shanghai. We also have a strong client base of companies who are expanding their businesses both domestically and internationally. In each location, our professional staffs who have a strong understanding of our clients' industries as well as a familiarity with our clients' businesses, provide high-quality services as we respond quickly and rapidly to our clients' complex taxation issues that vary from one country (or region) to another. With our professional and up-to-date advice, we provide practical solutions to our clients all over the world.

Human Resources

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