Research Center

The role of our Research Center is to convert the individual knowledge of our staff into a comprehensive organizational knowledge database.

We established the “JBA Research Center” in order to be able to keep up-to-date with and comprehensively respond to changes in accounting systems and regulations and legislation across many countries. Each of our JBA offices in locations throughout Asia are connected to the network. The Research Center has three key functions: It acts as a knowledge bank of our staffs' skills, it operates as a staff help desk and also acts a quality control system for the business. Through the Research Centre we are able to continuously develop our staffs' extensive knowledge and experience at every location and to provide stable services to our international clients.

Our specialists working at each of our business locations are accounting experts who have been selected to work at JBA based on a set of strict criteria that includes both technical and personal skills. Through these staff we provide our clients with in-depth, up-to-dated professional consulting services utilizing the knowledge of both the individuals and the organization.

Research Center's Functions

Knowledge Bank
At JBA, we have established an environment in which the research tools used by major accounting firms' around the world are available to our staff. We receive updates on relevant accounting regulations and legislation such as U.S. GAAP, IFRS, and SEC manuals and interpretations in a timely basis through on-line support. Using Morningstar Document Research functions, we review disclosure trends, as well as other trends from SEC databases as necessary. Additionally, we have arranged library space in the office where we house approximately 1,000 specialized books for our staff to access. This collection is continually updated to ensure that staffs have access to the latest industry books and publications.

Staff Help Desk
We provide back-office support to our staff and through the Research Centre can research necessary information based on the requests of specialists working at any of our offices.

Business Quality Control
In order to manage the group's collective knowledge, we have established an internal screening committee. With business control system acting as the foundation for the screening committee's management, we have established a high quality and impartial knowledge base that is regularly reviewed in order to control the quality of the services we provide and the advice that we give our clients.

Our Mission

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