Information Security

We have a high-level, comprehensive information security policy, and we have built a robust security environment that provides confidence for our clients that their information is safe.

The client information we use while performing our work is highly confidential. In order to provide a high level information security environment for our clients we have formulated a unique information security policy that we feel meets the security requirements for all hardware, software and users.

Information security breaches have occurred more regularly in recent years. Because of this we have implemented robust security measures for our staff's PCs, protection and encryption of E-mails and continuous employee education programs including extensive in-house trainings in order to reinforce our information security policy, our duty of confidentiality in order to enhance our employees' understanding and awareness of these policies.

In order for our clients to feel free to request our advisory and consulting services, we will continue to ensure that our information security system maintains the highest level of integrity for our client's confidence.

Our Mission

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