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Accounting Advisory Services

We provide client-oriented consulting services and through close communication with our clients, our CPAs can provide a wide range of support-based services. Our CPAs have extensive experience and provide comprehensive support to our clients based on their specific needs.

Managerial Accounting Advisory Services

We provide a wide range of support for corporate group management. We provide practical support to assist management successfully implement cost accounting for use in managerial accounting. We also provide support to assist businesses in the adoption of uniform accounting periods with subsidiaries as a step towards IFRS implementation.

M&A Advisory
M&A Advisory

We provide clients with various support services and advice for M&As from both an accounting and tax perspective. Specifically, our staffs, with their high degree of professionalism and experience have considerable expertise in dealing with financial due diligence, valuation and cross-border M&A transactions.

Risk Solutions

Our CPAs ensure that the advice and solutions that we provide to our clients are compatible with every aspect of their business including management strategies, governance, risk management and compliance. Additionally, we provide clients with internal control solutions and support for putting their plans into effect.

Global Network

We provide clients with various services such as support for the registration of overseas affiliated companies, support for cross-border accounting, support for the creation and operation of APPM (Accounting Policy & Procedure Manuals), bookkeeping services and tax fillings. Additionally, we can provide a one-stop services introducing accounting experts and systems.

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