Cross-Border M&A

We provide comprehensive support of M&A transactions and equity participation projects. We support M&A and equity participation projects by listening to our clients' needs through a preliminary survey and our M&A professional advisers then make contact with the target company without identifying our client's company. In order to conduct M&A transactions successfully, we plan and propose effective processes for investigating the target company. Once the agreement of the M&A transaction or the equity participation project is reached with the target company, we support our client through to the conclusion of the contract. After the acquisition, we also provide extensive advisory services for the successful business operations of the new company.

M&A Process

M&A Process

Phase 1

Identification of target company / preliminary survey
* Support for preparing acquisition company long-list and short-list
Confirming intention of the sale of a business or equity participation
  • * Door-knocking, proposal to the target company
  • * Support for negotiation of taking part in the M&A transactions
Concluding NDA / LOI
  • * Support for preparing NDA (NDA means “Non Disclosure Agreement” or “Confidential Agreement”)
  • * Support for analyzing the target company's information such as credit research reports, financial data and others
  • * Support for preparing LOI (LOI means “Letter of Intent” or “Memorandum of Understand”)

Phase 2

Execution of due diligence
Arrangement of the legal due diligence (Corporate partnerships with domestic and international law firms)

Phase 3

Planning and proposing the review processes and negotiating M&A transactions
  • * Support for analyzing the results and issues in financial and legal due diligence
  • * Support for providing explanations about international regulations and others
  • * Support for planning and establishing actions and improving schemes
  • * Support for negotiating with the target company

Phase 4

Concluding the M&A contract, closing
  • * Support for preparing joint venture contract agreements and equity transfer agreements
  • * Support for registering for business and practicing administrative procedures
  • * Support for introducing accounting system, personnel and labor system
  • * Support for introducing IT system
  • * Support for establishing, practicing and reviewing internal control
  • * Support for accounting and finance including closing procedures

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