We provide clients with translation services covering a wide range of subjects not only interpretation of words but also conversion.
Translation services are available in Japanese, English and Chinese. We not only offer translation of words but also high quality transparent translation services including conversion of relevant numbers such as foreign currencies and units, using accounting and business language in accordance with clients' needs.
Our professional staffs, mainly comprised of certified public accountants (CPAs), provide comprehensive translation services. Furthermore, the translated documents are reviewed by native speakers (foreign experts) to maintain the high quality of our translation services. We have a large number of skilled professionals who are capable of providing detailed and prompt responses in order to meet our clients' deadlines.

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Available Languages for Translation Services

Japanese, English and Chinese

Examples of Translated Documents

  • * Financial reporting documents (Annual Securities Reports, financial reports of the Companies Act, annual reports, etc.)
  • * International application forms (application for listing, corporation registration, etc.)
  • * Other finance related documents

Quality Control System

  • * Professional staffs (CPAs) provide the translation services.
  • * The translated documents in English and Chinese are reviewed by native speakers in every instance.

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