Accounting Advisory Services

In order to solve various issues that companies may face, our CPAs with their expertise and practical experience, can provide comprehensive support in many areas including interpreting and implementing the latest accounting standards, IFRS introduction, general business advice and preparation and operation of APPM.

Issues Surrounding Companies

Complexity of Accounting Standards and Settling Accounts Earlier

In recent years, JP GAAP has changed rapidly and is becoming more complicated. Japanese standards are also affected by the convergence to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Moreover, entities are required to disclose financial results accurately and in a timely manner, which has continued to increase the burden placed on businesses for closing procedures.

CPAs, with extensive expertise and practical experience, provide support in interpreting and implementing the latest accounting standards!

Understanding of IFRS and Gathering Information

Countries all over the world have adopted or are moving towards the adoption of IFRS, and entities in Japan need to be aware of the possible future adoption of IFRS. To respond to the rapidly changing J-GAAP as well as be prepared for the possible future adoption of IFRS, it is necessary for businesses to understand both IFRSs and the latest updates in their original language.

CPAs with experience working with IFRS and providing IFRS support, can provide the appropriate advice for your business!

Strengthening the Independence of Audit Firm

Accounting standards are becoming more complicated and while the burden on entities increases, audit firms are in an environment where they have difficulty providing specific solutions to entities while still maintaining their independence.

We provide answers individually tailored to your specific needs, and can assist in providing advice and solutions where your audit firm cannot.

Implementation and Operation of Accounting Policy & Procedures Manual (APPM)

An APPM is necessary for the efficient management of a corporate group to improve the infrastructure of the accounting system and unify work processes across entities.

We provide support to create and implement the APPM for standardization of accounting infrastructure and work procedures across a corporate group.

((Please refer to the seminar handout “Effective Implementation and Operation of Group Accounting Policy Manuals”)

Advantages on Our Services

Accounting Advisory Services Six Advantages

We provide specific answers on the matters that your audit firm cannot, due to their need for independence.


Our CPAs provide practical answers to all of your issues and concerns based on our experience with other entities and our audit experience


We provide logical answers in accordance with accounting standards. These can be used as explanatory material for audit firms.


We make full use of the networks within our organization and prepare answer promptly. Answers are readily available to our clients unlike larger organizations where the increased levels of management commonly make it difficult to get prompt responses.


We provide client-oriented support based on the experiences of our CPAs.


As part of our service, we ensure that the same CPAs continue to work with you to ensure continuity of service. We keep track of your situation at all times and provide appropriate answers to our clients.


Accounting Advisory Service Basic Package

Services Contents
Accounting Advisory [Scope] JP GAAP, IFRS
[Frequency] Unlimited (as often as necessary)
[Contact] By phone, e-mail
[Business hours] 9:00 - 18:00
IFRS Project Support [Provide accounting policy development tool] Position paper sample
[Position paper review service] up to 2 papers per month
Support for Creating and Operating APPM Provide sample format of APPM
[Standard] JP GAAP, IFRS
[Available language] Japanese, English
Regular Meetings [Frequency] Once a month
[Place] As designated by you (However, we will pass on any transportation costs incurred to the client)
Accounting Information Service We will provide information such as new accounting standards (published once a month)

Accounting Advisory Service Additional Option

Services Contents
IFRS Project Support Additional position paper review
Support for Creating and Implementing an APPM APPM Customizing service
Support-desk assistance for accounting departments of group subsidiaries
Support for updating APPM for accounting changes
Assistance in Closing Procedure * Support in closing procedures, review process
* Support for J-SOX
Other Consulting We respond to other diverse needs including:
* M&A advisory (Financial due diligence)
* IPO consulting
* Business management/Management accounting consulting
* Overseas support
* Preparation of annual reports (including responses to audit firms)
Various Tax Services Our tax professionals in “JBA Tax Co., Ltd.”, one of the JBA Group's subsidiaries, can provide a wide variety of tax services as required.

Our Service

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