Global Network

We have built a network with international accounting firms that are familiar with overseas accounting, taxation, formation of companies, and provide extensive services to global companies. We provide clients with various support services such as registration of overseas affiliated companies, bookkeeping services, tax payment services, reporting services for parent companies and internal control advisory.

Support for Overseas Expansion

Support for Registration of Overseas Affiliated Company

  • * Full ownership of capital / Joint venture / Branch office / Representative office / Incorporation of tax haven enterprise
  • * Offering registered addresses, opening bank accounts
  • * Preparation and registration of articles of incorporation and legal documents
  • * Business license registration services
  • * Application for CITS (Capital Investment Entrant Scheme)

Support for Liquidating Local Company

* Application for dormant status of companies
* Company liquidations
* Company de-registrations

Support for Accounting

* Bookkeeping services
* Tax filings (corporate tax, value added tax, etc.)
* Preparation of consolidated reporting packages for parent companies
* Preparation of statutory annual reports

Other Services

* Introducing local experts such as lawyers

Support for Implementing and Operating Infrastructures for Global Accounting Practice

Support for Creation and Operation of APPM

Support for Consolidated Accounts

* Support for collecting and processing consolidated accounting data
* Preparation of journal entries for consolidation

Help Desk Support for Group Subsidiaries

  • * Support for communication with group subsidiaries
    (Available languages: English, Chinese)

Support for Implementing Group Accounting Systems (ITS)

* Support for project management
* Support for implementing accounting systems

Internal Control

* Assessment and establishment of global internal control (support for SOX)
* Global internal audits (including operation, accounting and IT)

International Tax

* Transfer pricing
* Taxation systems of tax haven countries

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