協業開始のご案内/Business Collaboration Announcement

 この度、ジャパン・ビジネス・アシュアランス株式会社とSHASAT (UK) Limitedは、プロフェッショナルサービス及びトレーニングサービスにおいて、協業を開始いたしました。

 SHASAT (UK) Limitedは、英国に本社を構えるグローバルコンサルティング会社であり、特にIFRS関連のプロフェッショナルサービスにおいて高い実績を誇っております。IFRS適用で先行する欧州での豊富な実績から蓄積した事例とノウハウを、JBAを通じて日本企業へ提供してまいります。





・IFRSリサーチサービス 等






Shasat UK and Japan Business Assurance Co., Ltd enters into a business collaboration to offer IFRS advisory and Training services to institutions in Japan

Shasat has entered into a business alliance with Japan Business Assurance Co., Ltd (JBA), a leading Japanese consulting firm, to share its IFRS implementation experience through its “Global IFRS Desk” in London and at the same time, Shasat’s global Training Desk and JBA shall jointly offer IFRS Training programmes to professionals and leading financial & non-financial institutions in Japan with an aim to share their European IFRS implementation experience, best practices, expert faculty and truly world class unmatched learning solutions for organisation in Japan.

JBA is leading professional firm in Japan with a large client base and offers IFRS, Taxations and allied services to a large number of reputed Japanese corporates and financial institutions.  “We value our association with JBA since this would allow us to share our deep domain IFRS implementation experience and training services with the Japanese Institutions” said Sunil Kansal, Managing Director at Shasat.  He also added that “we take huge pride in our business alliance with JBA and pleased to join forces with JBA and the opportunity to work in the Japanese market

S. Ugajin, Director at JBA mentioned that Shasat is a UK based global consulting organization and has produced high-quality result especially in IFRS related advisory services in Europe.  By using their accumulated know-how and valuable case examples in Europe, we provide Professional Services, such as IFRS Advisory Services and IFRS Research Services, to our clients in Japan.  He also added that “we will offer our clients an extensive range of IFRS training courses in association with Shasat, one of the leading training brands in the world.  As we know that the Japanese entities are moving towards full implementation of IFRS, therefore, they are faced with the shortfall in professional human resources.  JBA believes that the Training Services will provide the best solution for the accounting professionals in Japan”.


[Professional Services]

IFRS Advisory Services, IFRS Research services etc.


[Training Services]

IFRS Training Seminar, Workshop