About JBA Group


While maximizing each individual ability,
we will solve management issues with the comprehensive strength of the organization.

As a professional firm, JBA Group has individual consultants as close as possible to our clients. Based on the skills and knowledge refined by each, we are maximizing performance, providing solutions to clients, and working to realize them.

Our promise to our clients is that the consultants of JBA group must have a professional mindset to present their professionalism and highly professional performance for our clients, providing a one-stop solution without dividing each professional area, continuity of assignment for our professionals who have know-how, and quality with long-term relationships. There must be “organizational strength” for our clients and consultants of JBA Group who can work comfortably.

Experienced professionals shall be on-board with our clients, to meet clients’ needs as a comprehensive organization. We, JBA group, must be seeking a real professional firm.

Service and Organization

As a group of professionals with high knowledge and experience, JBA Group has expanded our professional service area by achieving both high individual performance and trust as an organization. Further and from now on, we will continue to evolve as your client’s unique professional firm “Your Professional Firm”.

Accounting Consulting Service

Professionals, mainly CPA and IT consultants who have a variety of experiences, not only provide solid advice for client issues, but also provide embodying support to put it into practice.

Tax Consulting Service

Professionals who are CPTA (Certified Public Tax Accountant) and qualified staff with a wealth of experience and expertise, will work closely with our clients as a business partner to provide various tax consulting services.

Human Resource Service

In order to meet the various needs of companies and job candidates, JBA HRS are broadly developing service lines such as recruitment service, staffing service, contracted-employment, headhunting service. We also provide consulting services by personnel and labor experts.

Legal Service

Various legal services such as registration application, acquisition of various permits and approvals, wills/inheritance procedures, property management, etc. that occur with corporate activities and asset management, such as judicial scrivener, real estate appraiser, land and house surveyor, administrative scrivener, etc. One-stop support from field experts.

Global Service

We are supporting mainly for Japanese companies expanding overseas for their business from various perspectives centered on accounting and tax consulting as JBA Group’s global network.

Strong PointRespect a professional and Action as an organization.

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    The professionals of JBA Group will always provide high-level professional services to clients with the professional awareness and responsibility as well as high ethical standards.

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    Safety and trust as an organization

    JBA Group will provide client services continuously and stably by establishing a “high-performance security system” (to protect clients’ confidential information), a “comfortable working environment” and a “strong financial base”.

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    One-stop service

    JBA Group provides solution services for the group that the client wants to achieve with one-firm consulting with various professional services.